Publication: De l’Aragon au Frioul : esquisse d’une géographie des plafonds peints médiévaux

Publication: De l’Aragon au Frioul : esquisse d’une géographie des plafonds peints médiévaux
Monique Bourin, Maud Pérez-Simon et Georges Puchal (dir.)
Actes des rencontres RCPPM (Lagrasse, octobre 2015)

Paris, Editions de la Sorbonne, 2021.
EAN électronique : 9791035106331
DOI : 10.4000/books.psorbonne.83555

Présentation with the table of contents of the books :

Between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, in the western Mediterranean regions, princes, lords, prelates and businessmen liked to decorate the interiors of their homes richly. They brought the image into their homes, forerunners of a long history of domestic spaces. Today, thanks to restorations, we are rediscovering the abundant decoration of the ceilings, more rarely that of the walls. Hundreds, thousands of previously unpublished images have come to light, revealing an almost unknown secular Middle Ages.

Amongst the luxuriance of the cornices and mouldings where ribbons wind or flowers and foliage blossom, the boards slid between the joists have received paintings whose thematic variety opens up a new part of the imagination of these centuries. The rigour of the heraldic programme is combined with an animal world that is often fantastic, but also domestic, familiar or exotic. Here and there, sketches show human figures at play, at festivals, at work (very little), or in combat. Here, the vein is refined, there, of comic truculence.

This book covers, for the first time, all the Mediterranean regions that participated in this taste for painted frames, traces the chronology of their history, observes the common features of their inspiration and brings out the nuances: the Renaissance and the Antique are expressed at the same time as the funniness of the fabliaux.

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