Article : “Georges Puchal and Marion Ortiz, “Les technologies de restitution 3D au service de la connaissance des plafonds peints médiévaux”, Patrimoines du Sud [Online], 12 | 2020”

3D modelling is of real interest in the research and dissemination of knowledge on medieval painted ceilings. Intrinsic to architecture, but also carrying rich and as yet unknown, artistic and social content, their study is complex for several reasons. Site access issues and complex structures with multiple volumes, make reading the ensembles difficult. Research work over the last thirty years has demonstrated the importance of the general organisation of decorative elements when studying symbolism. The use of digital imagery via 3D modelling makes it possible to overcome these constraints. The International Association for Research on Medieval Painted Structures and Ceilings (RCPPM) is currently exploring ways of applying 3D modelling to these objects of study.
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